Botox On Forehead

 Botox On Forehead – How Many Units Do You Need?

If you want to get botox in your forehead area, you are probably wondering how many units of botox are needed in order to achieve a smooth appearance. The number of units needed will give you a fair idea on how much a botox on forehead treatment will cost you.

If you search "botox on forehead" on Google, you will see different doctors giving a range of units instead of giving a fixed number of units. This is because each case is unique and the amount of botox needed will depend largely on the number of forehead lines, their depth as well as their length. In general, though, 16 to 36 units are required. But again, the number of units injected will depend on the number, depth, and length of the lines. 

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How much does it cost to get a botox injection? That really depends on the one doing the injection. You might not know it yet, but while a botox technician does not need to have a medical degree, she does need to be licensed by the state he is based in. So, aside from paying for the cost of the botox itself, which costs £525 for a small vial, you are also paying for the experience of the one doing the injection. In general, though, botox treatments costs £200 to £700 per treatment area.

The area of the forehead is a treatment area, and so is the area around the eyes. Also, the eyebrows are also another treatment area. 

Forehead botox treatment has a reputation that precedes it. There are many celebrities that have used and abused it in the past, making their foreheads look frozen, making them the subject of ridicule. You can avoid this, though, by using baby botox, or have fewer doses of botox injected. It will not make your lines disappear but it will make your face look younger and natural-looking. 

You could also have botox injected in the eyebrow area for an eyebrow lift. Frozen faces are caused by the forehead's inability to raise the eyebrows and the botox creating a downward pressure on the eyebrows. A botox-based eyebrow lift, though, can the forehead muscles, thus lessening the appearance of lines naturally, while at the same time not exerting any downward pressure on the eyelids, making it look droopy. 

Before doing any treatments, make sure to consult with several cosmetic doctors first so you can compare strategies for lessening that frozen look.

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