Facial Aesthetics Services In London – 9 Reasons To Choose Us

Facial Aesthetics in London

Look fabulous, get compliments and refresh your looks in just 10 minutes from a Facial Aesthetics Expert by taking advantage of one of the best kept celebrity secrets in London.  Dr. Sam Smith BDS BSC is now operating out of the North West London-based Facial Aesthetics in London Clinic. 

Dr. Smith is an advanced facial aesthetics senior instructor and over the past fourteen years has enthusiastically and successfully rejuvenated hundreds of the most beautiful elite in London.  She has developed and pioneered very gentle techniques which provide completely natural looking results.  

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If in the past you found it uncomfortable, or the results you received were not quite what you were hoping for – get the best so that you can experience the real difference.  Discretion and convenience are both very important to all of our clients.  Many of London's leading celebrities are treated by Dr. Sam and can rest assured that their identities are always kept strictly confidential.  We provide free onsite parking along with flexible appointment times which include weekend, late, early and lunch time appointments.       

The Facial Aesthetics in London Clinic is an elegant interior-designed clinic for facial and dental aesthetics and offers an ambience and level of service that you would only expect to experience in five star hotels.  One of the most unfortunate realities that is associated with aging is unsightly wrinkles making their appearance.  However, thanks to the advances in modern technology people no longer have to just allow Father Time to due what he wishes to their faces.

Although some wrinkle remedies like facelifts require invasive and expensive surgical interventions, there are also some fairly inexpensive nonsurgical remedies available as well.  The bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which is associated with botulism, produces an extract called Botulinum toxin.  The toxin inhibits muscle cell contraction.  Even in small doses it can be potentially lethal.  However, scientists have successfully determined a safe concentration that may be used in the body therapeutically and that knowledge has been used to create those beautiful faces that are seen today.  The injections relax the muscle cells that are in the general area of where the injection is made.  Originally they were approved for a neuromuscular disorder of the neck and head (cervical dystonia) and kind of muscle spasm that occurs around the eye (blepharospasm).          

Physicians quickly understood that this could potentially be a great weapon to use against wrinkles after a paper was published in 1989 in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Currently the injections are the most common cosmetic procedure that is used. The treatment works by forcing facial muscles to relax completely, which prevents wrinkles from developing and making those wrinkles that are already present stand out a lot less.   

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Why Should You Choose Us? 

1.  Affordable 

The low overheads that we enjoy means we are able to provide the highest quality dental services at very affordable prices.  In addition we offer our patients 0% interest financing.  

2.  Quality 

We fully stand behind the longevity, durability and quality of our work. We are among just a few UK dental practices that offers a 5 year guarantee on all of our treatments so that our patients can have complete peace of mind with the care they receive from us.  

3.  Experience 

Enjoy Harley Street Treatments right from your doorstep – From cosmetic dentistry to Facial Aesthetics our professionals have extensive experience which includes working in the Harley Street area of London.

4. Comprehensive Range of Treatments  

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced and specialist treatments under one roof, including Invisalign orthodontics, dental implants, cosmetic treatments and Facial Aesthetics.  

5.  Gentle Care for Nervous Patients 

We provide the gentlest and friendliest care, and also use the chair massaging technology called ERGOSOOTHE to help relax even those patients who are very anxious or nervous.

6.  Beautiful Surroundings 

The five star customer service that we provide is backed up with the first class surroundings that we offer.  From our practice's interior design to our garden, we make use of more than merely our dentistry skills to help create something all of our patients can proudly call theirs.  

7.  Convenient Appointments 

We always do our absolute best to accommodate your needs, whether you need to have a weekend, late or early appointment.  We can also make arrangements for lunchtime appointments as well.  

8.  Free Parking 

We realize it can be a real nightmare to find parking near your dentist office.  That is why we provide our patients with free on-site parking.  We are also located two minutes from the Thameslink station and several bus stops. 

9.  Our Friendly Team 

Please give us a call today to learn more about us and ways that we can help you.  We never settle for anything less than the best and we know you won't either.  We strongly believe that anything that is worth doing is also worth doing right.

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